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Hopkins Girls Basketball Association (HGBA) 2020/21 COVID-19 Policy  

Hopkins Girls Basketball Association (HGBA) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our athletes, coaches, volunteers, families and volunteers.  Our goal is to mitigate the potential for transmission of COVID-19 in our HGBA spaces and within our communities.

Key Resources

Below are links to download the HGBA COVID-19 Policies along with resources from the state of Minnesota around youth sports


2020 COVID-19 Practice Protocol

In addition to our COVID-19 Policy, we have developed some additional procedures that we will be implementing throughout the season to ensure there is a reduced possibility for exposure for our players and coaches.   

Prior to Practice:

Please have your athlete perform a self-check before you leave your residence each day.  Please be in the practice of taking your athlete’s temperature before coming to practice.  If your athlete has any of the following symptoms, please stay home: 

  • Fever 
  • Cough 
  • Shortness of breath 
  • Chills 
  • Headache 
  • Muscle pain  
  • Sore throat 
  • Loss of taste or smell 
  • Nausea, vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 

Drop Off/Pick Up: 

Parents are expected to drop off and pick up their player outside of the practice facilities.  HGBA practices are closed.   

  • Drop off: please drop your child off at the door of the practice location no sooner than 5 minutes before the scheduled practice time.   
  • Pick-up: please promptly pick up your child at the door of the practice location.   
  • If you are running late, please inform your athlete’s coach via text. 
  • Masks are required. Masks are now required to be worn during the entire practice & all games
  • Facilities management will be alerted if there are athletes hanging out indoors or outside during the restricted times, which could risk our ability to use these facilities in the future. 

Items Coaches Must Have at Each Practice: 

  • Hand Sanitizer 
  • Disinfectant spray 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Spare disposable masks and gloves 
  • Thermometers - coaches will be checking player temps before each practice and game

Social Distancing:

During practices, we strive for players and coaches to follow the 6 feet of separation guidelines as much as possible during HGBA practices.  Please help us reiterate with the players to keep socially distanced when possible.   

  • At this time, team sizes have been capped at a max of 11 players and 2 coaches 
  • Athletes will be asked to maintain social distance during drills that allow it 

Enhanced Safety Protocol: 

  • Only players and coaches are permitted in the gyms 
  • Coaches & players will wear masks during practices and within the practice facilities 
  • Players will sanitize hands prior to practice and upon the completion of practice 
  • Players will be asked to avoid high fives, fist bumps or handshakes and huddles (if possible) 
  • Athletes will store their gear 6-8 ft away from teammates during practice 


  • Each HGBA team will receive equipment bags with basketballs, first aid kits, cleaning supplies and other basketball equipment 
  • Each player will receive a pinnie that they will be bring to each practice 
  • If possible, please have your player bring their own balls for individual drills such as shooting and ball-handling.  3rd/4th grade athletes play with a 27.5 basketball.  5th-8th grade play with a 28.5 basketball.   
  • Athletes must bring their own filled water bottle to each practice 

Exposure Communication 

If the player or a member of their household knows or believes they have been exposed to COVID-19 and/or is determined to have a positive test for the virus or is told they have the virus by a doctor, the player’s parent or guardian must immediately communicate this to their player’s head coach and to the HGBA co-chairs, Maggie Niska and Tonia Jones Peterson. 

We will continue to monitor and modify our procedures based on the current recommendations from Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL), Hopkins School District and/or Minnesota Youth Athletic Services (MYAS).   

Thank you in advance for your partnership and cooperation in supporting these safety protocols.